Monday, March 31, 2014

What Happened to MH370? Ask A Psychic Part 1

What Happened to MH370? Ask A Psychic Part 1

What limits many of us is the idea of alternate realities. We want to use our reality as a frame of reference yet often times our frame of reference is limited. If we do not have access to an alternate view or an understanding of a parallel universe, then the idea of different time lines is foreign to some and ludicrous to most.
With all this awakening talk, all this channeling talk and all this remote viewing talk, you would expect a deeper and more expansive worldview, but no. The individual's world view is molded and shaped by their respective external world, society, constraints and inconsistency. To even consider that the plane has been magnetically altered to the point of being shifted from this time line to another is beyond the scope of scientists, and maybe even some psychics.

The people on that plane are fine. They are either aware or unaware that they have shifted. Some may feel different, some may have weird dreams, some may question where they are and its validity, but don't we do that in this timeline, every day?

They may find themselves in a world much more progressive and willing to leap forward and become a true and peaceful member of the Cosmic/Galactic Community.

Whatever the case may be, as a Psychic myself, i understand our limitations. There is too much to know for any ONE person to know it all. It is time for the PTB to confess to the world that there is more going on than meets the eye, that they have done their experiments and that they know exactly what it means when a plane "vanishes" into thin air.

Nothing is so grounded, so solid, so immutable that it can not be changed or altered. If they return, they will have no memory of their experience.

People are grieving and sad because they lost someone they love. This is what we are taught. If they are dead, they are not in pain... if they are alive in their other holographic world, love them, release them and carry their memory without fear and sorrow.

They have made transition and they will probably never come back. Bless them and send them love and light and let them go.

And if it turns out that what I have just written cannot be verified in this time-space continuum, or a plane is actually recovered... it does not mean that what has been expressed by me or other psychics did not occur. The unseen world can present many variant themes, alternatives and outcomes. So, in some way, all of these scenarios are possible and are happening somewhere, in the past, present or future, as we measure time.?

BELOW you will find a video that I uploaded to YouTube discussing the fact that Psychics are weighing in on this subject. This video contains my thoughts on the matter and I have also included below, the hexagrams I received when I queried the I Ching. Personally, I think that having a back up system of inquiry is a good thing for Psychics. People are looking for verifiable information and as a result, Psychics who do not have a backup system are berated and ridiculed. While the process of consulting the I Ching can be question by any skeptic, one need only study the Oracle, look at the Hexagrams and the changing lines as it relates to the questions and see that there is something "UNSEEN" going on.

Please feel free to leave your comments below. Let's see what we can discover and uncover about this missing plane.