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8th Series: I Ching Workshops Online Sept. 24, thru Oct. 29, 2017 (Videos)

8th Series: 
I Ching Workshops Online Sept. 24, thru Oct. 29, 2017

We are back and we are moving forward with our 8th series of I Ching (Yi Jing) Workshops Online.  We took a little break to gain more momentum and now we are ready to dive into learning more and more about the I Ching (Yi Jing).

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the I Ching (Yi Jing) and its application in your daily lives is welcomed to attend.  I call the Yi a Pocket counselor because its main goal is to provide guidance for our everyday affairs, from simple situations to major ones.

The Yi Jing is one of the most incorruptible oracle systems that you can use.
It has been around for over 5 thousand years and harkens back to ancient China.
The concepts of Yin/Yang, the Tao, Tai Chi, Kung fu martial arts, etc incorporates its principles. 

In our workshops we work with the Classical version of the Yi Jing, while we do not speak Mandarin or any ancient Chinese languages, we have found that the Yi Jing continues to guide us.  This is partly due to our desire to receive the guidance of the Yi Jing and the Yi Is quite receptive to helping us.

A few decades ago, the guidance from the Yi Jing was only available to a few.  Finding a book that made any sense was nearly impossible. Anyone who has reviewed the Wilhelm/Baynes version or Leggie version of the Yi Jing can attest that you basically had to put that book under your pillow at night and absorb the guidance through osmosis.

Today, there is a plethora of books and in many languages so the guidance is now available to many more.

I have worked with individuals from all over the globe who have been using the Yi Jing. So I can attest that it is certainly becoming more and more popular and available.

There are many variations on the theme as it relates to what each of these many books have to offer in their interpretation of what the Yi Jing hexagrams are telling us.

I, personally have several books, but in my workshops, I will be focusing the most on these two. The I Ching Book of Changes by Wilhelm/Baynes and the I Ching Workbook by RL Wing.

You may have other books that you reference, and that's fine. However, in my workshops we will be studying from these two, so it would be good to get your copies before you come to the workshops.  BTW, the workshops will be online, so even if you don't have the books to begin with, we will be able to share our books with you.

The workshop series lasts for 6 weeks and we will meet once a week on Sundays.
Since I am in contact with folks from around the globe, we will make adjustments for time zones.
I will host 3 workshops…
Beginners 101  12PM EST
Beginners 102   3PM EST
Intermediate      6PM EST

If you are not sure which one you should attend, come to the Beginners 101 for starters, we will look at your skill level and make a determination from there. Also, if you have not been using the Yi Jing regularly for at least 5 years, you probably should come to the Beginners 102.  The intermediate is very challenging. I do not give tests, but I do expect you to be quite proficient with the Yi Jing, how to use it, what the hexagrams are, what they mean and a keen idea on how to adapt them to the questions you ask if you come to the Intermediate classes.

One of the key points that you will learn in my workshops is how to ask the question. It is so important to ask questions in such a way that you can understand the answer you get from the Yi Jing. Many times folks ask questions and end up scratching their heads wondering what did the Oracle just say to them. In reality, it takes a certain skill to get those questions formulated in such a way that will lessen the confusion.  You will learn that in my workshops.

I ask for a love offering of $75 for the entire series of workshops paid in advance.
You may also pay $15/workshop if you so desire. Whatever works best for you.

You can use this PayPal link, if you have paypal.
If you do not have PayPal, then I can send you an invoice, but I will need to send the invoice for the entire fee of $75. PayPal takes a percentage of my income, so it would be more financially feasible to invoice just once. You can also use the buttons below to register.  Here you have a variety of options for payment as well.

Beginners 101 Workshops

Beginners 102 Workshops

Intermediate Workshops

I also have Square Cash for anyone who would like to use that option, but the same procedure will apply because, like PayPal, they take a percentage.

In the blog, the links will be there, so you will be able to pay directly from the blog post.

Registration is now open. Anyone can attend.

Workshop registrants need to add up to at least 5 people per workshop.
If fewer than five people sign up per workshop, the workshop will be postpone to the next series, and all payments will be refunded.

There is the option for private lessons in the event a workshop is closed. We can discuss the arrangements for that privately.

I ask that everyone who signs up commits to at least 3 classes.  While the Yi Jing is a wonderful oracle system, it has its complexities and therefore commitment to learning is very important. It is preferable that you attend all 6 classes in order to get the full scope of the material presented.

Please consider these workshops in the same manner you would consider going to college or a university. If you pay for a class but you do not attend, I will not be able to make any refunds. Time and energy goes into preparing for the classes so you must be responsible for attending the classes you paid for.

After the 2nd week the Beginners 102 and Intermediate classes will close. Beginners 101 will remain open so anyone wanting to join will be added to the Beginners 101.
I do not give quizzes, however I am  inclined to acknowledge your participation by giving you a certificate of completion but you must attend all classes in the series in order to receive it. The certificate will give a general description of your mastery of the material presented in the workshop.

Everyone who attends the workshops will be given a link to Google Drive where I keep all materials and videos from the workshop series.  Feel free to go there and explore the materials between our meetings. You may also download anything that you wish.

Go to this link ( and download the app to your phone, tablet and/or computer.
Once you have registered, I will add you to the list of 
participants for your class and send you an email. 
The email will contain a link and all the 
details you need to join the class.

Love Offering: $15 per class, $75 for entire series.
Send via  Paypal  use one of these links 
Initial Workshop-sessions will be hosted via Eastern Standard Time… I also offer private lessons. Contact me if this is an option you prefer.


Sundays, Sept. 24, 2017 thru Oct. 29, 2017

Beginners 101  12PM EST
Beginners 102   3PM EST
Intermediate      6PM EST

Register Now!

 Keep a record of all payments. Your payments are your registration. If you do not send the payment, you won’t be able to attend the workshop.


This will be a cordial welcome to the I Ching Workshop-Series and will contain the link to the online workshop.  FOLLOW THE LINK SENT VIA EMAIL TO THE ZOOM.US ONLINE WORKSHOP. PLEASE BE THERE AT LEAST 15 MINUTES IN ADVANCE.

Your Love Offering is your registration for each workshop-session.

There will be mini-quizzes, etc, but nothing major, it is an honor system, it is up to you to study.   You can take as many workshop series as you like, particularly if you don’t feel secure enough with just six classes.  



GET THESE TWO BOOKS. I Ching Book of Changes by Wilhelm/Baynes 

and the I Ching Workbook, by RL Wing.

START ASKING QUESTIONS. If you haven’t already. Good question to ask each day.  "Dear honorable spirits of the I Ching, Please comment on what should be my focus for today."

 WATCH MY I CHING VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE.“Nana Baakan Discusses Understanding the I Ching”   


In the meantime, for those who do not wish to join the workshop sessions, but still want to get a reading, I am available. 
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Friday, June 23, 2017

"Is Crowd Source the Truth" An Intelligence Operation"? Ask A Psychic. Pt 1: Dave Acton (Videos)


This video will be Part 1 of a YouTube Video playlist called
"Is Crowd Source the Truth" An Intelligence Operation"? Ask A Psychic.
There will probably be 4 or 5 short videos on various topics but it will be done in the hopes of gaining clarity about what is actually going on as opposed to what appears to be, for all intents and purposes, a huge psyops.

There is a lot going on in our world today. One of the reasons that I use the I Ching is to help me understand better what is happening and why. It has a calming as well as a clearing effect on my psyche and helps me maintain a centered focus as the events come. I only hope that these reading swill do the same for you.

The way things are moving, turning and swirling has seemed to push a lot of people here on YouTube to the forefront of this issue.
What is the Isssue?
George Webb, Jason Goodman and crowd source the truth.

There are several mysteries around these two characters not withstanding the recent call in of a dirty bomb to the Coast Guard, and yet neither of them have faced any reprimand for their actions.

I must be honest, I do not know the whole story about these two guys or any of the other "crowd" that they are engaging in their investigations, but I do know that there are systems set in place where people can become informants and get paid handsomely for it.

I don't really care for their manner of investigation but what got me was the things that Dave said about his brother and that Lift the Veil insists that Dave and George are not brothers, but the same person.

I have to give Nathan of Lift the Veil props for his intuition that something was not quite right with Dave Acton but I will have to do a reading to determine where he is in his own state of mind as it relates to maintaining this position that Dave and George are the same person.

So, with my readings we will see beyond the veil, we will look at each of their motivations and intentions and we will check in on their mental health.

The I Ching has an uncanny way of going deep into places that are not easily visible to us on the average, but we are given a gift with the I Ching. It has the ability to hone our intuition as we use it more and more.

I think these readings hold some surprises for some and maybe a shock or two for the many, but we shall see what the oracle says about all this.

We will begin by taking a look into Dave Acton Sweigert, what are his motives for exposing himself as George Webbs's brother, what are his motives for character assassination of his brother and what is the status of his mental health.

So, let's see what the Oracle has to say to us around this topic.

Dear Honorable Spirits of the I Ching, please comment on:

QUESTIONS: Dave Acton Sweigert
What is the nature of Dave Acton's (youtuber) integrity as it relates to him stating that George Webb is his brother.
3, 4
Please give deeper Insight into Hex.#58
3, 5
Please give deeper Insight into Hex.#5
4, 5
What was the nature of Dave Acton's motives for making a video where he states he is G.W.'s brother.
1, 6
Please give deeper Insight into Hex.#36
1, 2, 6
Please give deeper Insight into Hex.#52

What was Dave's most immediate reason for deleting all of his YouTube videos where he mentioned George Webb.
1, 3. 5
Please give deeper Insight into Hex.#18
1, 2, 4
Please give deeper Insight into Hex.#61
Please comment on DA's motives for expressing his overt disfavor for GW.
Please give deeper Insight into Hex.#57
Please give deeper Insight into Hex.#48

Please comment on the status of Dave Acton's (YouTuber)mental health.

Please give deeper Insight into Hex.#28

Dave's motive for refraining from showing his face in his videos.
2, 4, 5, 6
Please give deeper Insight into Hex.#55
Please give deeper Insight into Hex.#9
How does GEORGE'S natural family view his participation in these investigations?
3, 4
Please give deeper Insight into Hex.#10
3, 6
Please give deeper Insight into Hex.#9
2, 6


How a conspiracy theory closed part of a major US seaport

The File Size Different and Mishandling Evidence, George Webb and Jason Goodman

Is "Crowd Source the Truth" An Intelligence Operation? Ask A Psychic (Intro & Videos)


To my subs and visitors, thank you for stopping by. If you have had some time to check out my channel you notice that I have a varied interest in different topics. But you may have also noticed that I am a news junky and I like to share the interesting articles I find on the web.

You may have also noticed, that every once in a while, I will resort to using the I Ching Oracle system to help me understand some things that just don't seem to make any sense at all.

For me, doing a reading on these topics helps to bring my perspective into focus on what is really going on as opposed to what is being thrown around.

YouTube has become a hideout for all kinds of speculation on topics from A to Z, but most often it's just that speculation. I am not saying that all my interpretations are infallible, but having worked with the Oracle System for 3 decades now I do feel that my experience with the I Ching, has given me a strong insight into what the Oracle is telling me. ..

I have used this system to help get insight for hundreds of clients over the years. I have also offered workshops and personal classes for students who are interested in learning more about the I Ching.

In addition to that, I do take the time to research on the topic before I present my findings from the I Ching to my YouTube Audience. 

My video series "Ask A Psychic" have given folks some details about these speculative topics in such a way that my viewers can give credence to what the I Ching Oracle is saying.  For instance, people really want to believe that Donald Trump is fighting against deep state, but, if they check out my I Ching readings on that, they will discover that he is a Deep State Asset.

Enter George Webb, in this case, one of my subscribers suggested that I do a reading on this situation and that is the only reason I am doing this. I really have no dog in this race, I realize we live in a matrix on a Prison Planet and all these shenanigans keep the overlords quite entertained.

People may want to believe certain things due to their cognitive dissonance around certain topics, and I include myself in that group of folks. We all have our world view and biases that color our world view.  So, sometimes what the Oracle tells me, is shocking to me as well. I do have my own biases and preference but the great thing about the I Ching, is that it does not care about your personal biases and preferences, it tells the truth!

I really prefer to make one long video and cover the questions.  But I am aware that folks would rather have short vids, so I will have to make a series on this topic and hope it makes sense to you all. I will put each video in a play list so you can watch one at a time or all of them at once, if you wish.

This video series will be called… 
"Is Crowd Source the Truth" An Intelligence Operation"? Ask A Psychic

I am using the word "intelligence" for the title but I really feel it's a Psyops.  This whole Jason, George, Dave, Defango, Lift the Veil and all the other usual suspects is bizarre to me. I have dyslexia which made it difficult for me to wrap my brain around George Webb's presentations not to mention all them videos about stuff and going on and on and on. I prefer analysis, and yes, I am aware that I too can go on and on.

I came to be aware of George Webb because a social media contact referred me to him. Judging from the readings, there is something really strange going on here with this whole thing.

Initially, I watched a couple of Dave Actons videos, but after a while he became so bizarre in his discrediting of his brother, that I had to turn it off. I don't do well with that type of negativity. I am also very sensitive and I began to feel something that was seriously disturbing coming from Dave that made me shudder.

YouTube is an interesting place for dramatics, but to have the so-called "Truth Community" completely invested in these dramatics, battling back and forth, doxxing folks, belittling others, threatening, etc.. Began to bring a very dark cloud over the whole community in a way I have never seen before…..  Not even the 911 Truthers went this far to discredit one another.

Difference of opinion are only normal, but to devolve to name calling and threats and exposure of personal life challenges smacks of the deepest insincerity, if you ask me.
It makes the so-called Truth Community" look like grade school kids fighting over a place in the sandbox.

The Oracle readings help me to see why this is happening so I hope it will bring some clarity to you all as well.

Please be patient with me, I have all the readings, and may even add more, but it takes time to pull it all together.

Thanks for

And stay tuned.


Possible Coverup w Intercept Russia Election Story

Rebekah Roth ~ George Webb for Dummies Part 1

whats eating Ronald grape?

George Webb give further evidence linking Hillary to the murder of Seth Rich

Alpha Jalloh was tracked to being behind the Seth Rich hit by George Webb

How the New Suspected NSA Leaker Reality Winner Was Caught - Motherboard

First NSA leaker is finally under arrest, and she clearly had a major ax to grind against President Trump

How the New Suspected NSA Leaker Reality Winner Was Caught

Assange wants support for NSA whistleblower as WikiLeaks offers $10k reward to ‘expose’ reporter

How the New Suspected NSA Leaker Reality Winner Was Caught


The FBI thinks it's found the person who leaked top secret intelligence about Russia

What We Know About Reality Winner, Government Contractor Accused Of NSA Leak

What we know about Reality Winner

Snowden: Prosecuting NSA Leaker Reality Winner Is a 'Fundamental Threat to the Free Press'

Who Is Reality Winner, NSA Contractor Accused in Top Secret Leak?

Here's what we know about alleged NSA leaker Reality Leigh Winner

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Investigator George Webb On The Run From John Podesta And Hillary Goon Squad! Life And Family Been Threatened Due To Work On Seth Rich Murder Investigation. - See more at:

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I Ching Workshops Online Topics: Formulating Questions (Videos)

I Ching Workshops Online Topics: Formulating Questions

In this video you will see active participants in on of our I Ching Workshops Online sessions. Dr. Thomas offers his questions for analysis and we all work together to give him insights which he truly appreciated.

Our workshops are interactive. I simply facilitate and attempt to guide them but we all work together to come to a clearer understanding of the I Ching and the messages it gives us for our daily lives.
I have been using the I Ching Oracle for over 35 years and have been actively giving personal I Ching Readings for 25 Years. I find it to be an incredible guide and counselor as it helps you to navigate your every day reality.  It helps to fine tune your own intuitive abilities as you practice using it more and more.

I offer online I Ching Workshops for those who would like to learn more about the I Ching.

Our next series of workshops will begin Sept 24, 2017. All are welcomed to attend.
Contact me at if you are interested in signing up.
Workshops last for 6 Weeks and are scheduled for Sundays from Sept. 24, 2017 to October 29, 2017.
Register Now! 6 workshops/$50  $10/workshops
Levels: Beginners 102, Beginners 102 and Intermediate.

The I Ching is an amazing Oracle System. It comes out of Ancient China but has strong ties to the IFA system of Nigeria, West Africa.

It can be used to by anyone who wishes to learn how to use it. But it takes practice to get familiarized with it. Our Workshops will help all no matter what level you may be on or how long you have been using the Oracle.



Once you register, you will receive a link in your email to the workshop video conference meeting.

For more information on Understanding the I Ching, please visit my blog
I Ching (Y Jing) Discussions with Nana Baakan

"The Obama Factor" by Dr. Douglas Thomas, PhD

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