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Pt3 Las Vegas: Real or Contrived? Ask a Psychic. "The Role of the MSM In Reporting on This Event" (Videos)

Pt3 Las Vegas: Real or Contrived? Ask a Psychic.
"The Role of the MSM In Reporting on This Event".

On October 1, 2017 it was reported that a mass shooting took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was also reported that as a result of that shooting 59 people were killed and more than 500 were injured.  Speculation abound about whether it was real or contrived.  The haphazard mixed of crisis actors and eye witnesses to this tragedy lead to a plethora of speculation of the veracity of this event having even taken place.  People began to peer into the distorted details that were presented to the public. 

Here we are two months later, and we have just as much information about the "so-called" lone gunman, Stephen Paddock as we had during the first few weeks after it happened.  It reminds me of the missing plane MH370, particularly, as it has seemed to fade into the background of the Mainstream media.  More and more investigation needs to be done into it, but it seems that the authorities that should be at the helm of the investigation have also disappeared.

I did a video called "10 Compelling Reasons Why the Vegas Shooting Has Disappeared from Headlines". You can see that video in my playlist called "Las Vegas".
The video was posted by a YouTube Channel and website called "Studio News network". I will leave a link in the description below.

While it may seem that Las Vegas is old news, it is hardly old news at all, as I am sure that those families who have lost loved ones as a result, and even those who were injured are experiencing some personal, emotional and spiritual stress as we move into the very popular holiday season where many American families gather together to share with one another.  This time of gift giving must be extremely hard for those who do not have loved ones to give to, or are missing them, or may have to visit them in the hospital if they have not been released as of yet.  I am personally unaware of the condition of those who were injured, but from my previous reading, I am sure that many were, and that the healing is continuing, emotionally, mentally and spiritually even if the MSM have not found it within their purview to mention that.

With this video we will look at the Mainstream Media simply because they are the ones who pump out the information that shapes the perception of the majority of people these days.  When it comes to this particular event, they have had a major impact on what the public walks away with as it relates to the narrative the public holds in their mind.  Many folks have become so complacent that instead of asking real questions or confronting the authorities, and with the help of the events that occurred afterwards, many of which I would simply say have been distractions, they have been willing to sit back and accept the official narrative, that a lone gunman, was able to shot from the 32 floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, into a crowd of some 7,500 people, and kill 59 and injure more than 500 others.  This reading will shed some very serious and important light on the Mainstream Media and its role in reporting on this event.

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