Thursday, November 23, 2017

Is 4Chan's Q-Anon Controlled Opposition? Ask A Psychic (Video)

Is 4Chan's Q-Anon Controlled Opposition? Ask A Psychic

I want to do this reading on 4Chan's Q-Anon.  It has been troubling my awareness for a while now. When I see several people take up the banner and begin to report over and over again, what 4Chan's Q-Anon has said in its cryptic way, I begin to wonder if this may in fact be another "false flag."

False flags don't always involved horrendous acts of carnage and crisis actors, but they do include acts of deception and perpetrators who appear to be "in" when in fact they have literally infiltrated from the ground up and manage to get to the top of the movement where they can manipulate and control it by garnering the trust and support of the masses.

I have seen this happen so many times, over and over again during my short 66 years on this planet, that now when I see it, I immediately think, this may not be all its cracked up to be and could definitely be leading folks down the crooked path to trouble.

If any of you were involved in the Pizzagate debacle, where folks began to argue with one another over the tidbit of truth that they had, exposing each other as frauds and click baiters, making long videos to expose one another and fighting among one another, scrambling to get the news.  Even without YouTube censorship, these battles were costing YouTubers, views and subscribers, and even some felt their lives threatened.

Now we have the very same outfit that peak the interest in Comet PingPong presenting an entity who will not say who he is, leaving cryptic messages that can be easily decoded by those who are in the "know" and easily misleading to those who are not.  This anonymous person has gotten the war weary Trumpsters purporting the idea that this person that this person may be "Donald Trump" himself.  And when I heard that, I knew I could not procrastinate any more.  It was time to ask the Oracle, is 4Chan's Q-Anon controlled opposition.  It really makes me happy to have the I Ching to ask questions of.  When I see reputable channels diving into the mix and attempting in all honesty to unravel the mystery, it just seems like we need to take a deeper look at this "entity" who has moved to the ranks of hero, savior of America, to the President himself.  All conjecture, with no proof and no identity.

Now some of  you folks may think that a psychic reading is no proof either, and that's fine. You can move along, no worries.  But for those of you who are interested in the hidden hand behind these happenings stay with me, and let's see what the I Ching has to say about this new addition to the so-called "truth" community.

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