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Las Vegas Event: Real or Contrived? Ask A Psychic (VIDEOS)

Las Vegas Event: Real or Contrived? Ask A Psychic

I have been thinking over and over again, how should I approach this reading.  Should I look at the characters, i.e, Stephen Paddock, Jesus Campos or Sheriff Lombardo.  Should I look at some of the eye witnesses who appeared credible or the eyewitnesses who appeared totally unbelievable.

I started looking at Stephen Paddock and could see from the readings there were many twists and turns in this scenario that is being painted around him. I just couldn't get the sense that he was actually the guy who did the shooting nor the guy pictured in the leak photo.

This guy makes me think of the guy from 911, William Rodriguez. I think this guy ended up in the middle of something that he was not prepared to see. He ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time, just doing his job, so they had to give him a new MO and identity and I get the sense they threatened him and his family if he didn't go along with the program. I am gonna take a look at that guy that is being called Jesus Campos. Just the name has some other meaning, especially when you are talking about "harvest".. Campos means "fields" in Spanish. Paddock means "small field, meadow". They are working this story line thru the symbolism. Basically, the event took place in a "field". Jesus is supposed to save. Right? On one level they have him as a Savior because he supposedly saved the engineer's life, right? They are working this thing subliminally, because in essence, Jesus didn't really save those people on the ground, in the field.. you see where I'm going with this? People get filled with despair and like that guy told the lady who was stranded in her home during the hurricane, he said, "Call on Jesus to save you."

I wondered if I should follow the money so to speak as that could also give some clues as to some of the other complicit characters in this event.

To say no one was hurt or killed is not where I feel a strong foundation for inquiry. I am sure if not absolutely certain that some folks were hurt and maybe even killed in this event.  But the mystery around the folks who were claimed to have been killed, the fact that folks were not allowed in the hospital to see their loved ones, although I can only imagine that the emergency ward had to have been a crazy place that night, and having more folks running in to see about their loved ones would have surely made things even crazier so sending them away may have been the best call.

Then you have the intrigue surrounding the victims and their obituaries. Rumor has it the obits were scripted and there was no grave sites listed for the so called deceased. 
The story gets stranger and stranger the more you delve into it with shooting taking place in at least 5 other hotels on the strip and shooting taking place on the ground. But what really takes the cake is the silence that has come over the Mainstream Media in relation to this event. They seem to have ditched their efforts in propagandizing the official narrative and gone on to greener pastures and more sensationalism with Weinstein and the women coming out at this late date to tar and feather him.

And of course, the Russia narrative is looking pretty murky and the Clinton's and Obama's may have a little egg on their faces once it is revealed that the collusion with Russia went on long before Trump got in the white house.  And then Mr. Trump threatens to release the JFK files, yeah!

All I can say is that there is certainly a whole lot of shaking going on and many distractions to boot, and we are still moving on away from the human tragedy that happened with the hurricanes and fires. The fact that so many thousands of people have been displaced and millions without power and have to sign a waver that they will not boycott Israel so they can get relief services is really troubling.

Trump not realizing that he is the President of the Virgin Islands, and he's killed more civilians with his drone strikes these few months in office than Obama did the entire time. But of course, the drone technology was perfected during Obama's administration so it's just a little bit more of the same.

I just sit back and sigh, as we have been given a huge slice of the Twilight Zone pie.

So where do I go from here as it relates to Las Vegas and what was reported to have happened on Oct. 1, 2017??

It's too bad that the public is so busy moving all over the place, that they cannot stay focused long enough to bring resolve to the pressing issues that impact and effect the lives of people who live just a few states away. 

Investigative reporters stay on the case but the public interest wanes and people simply go on to the next distraction.

We need a lot of help.

So after much thinking and pondering, my angle will be this one.

Did Las Vegas happen as we were told it happened? Are we being duped into believing that 60 people and almost 600 people were injured? Is this some sort of Psyops to manipulate the masses? Or what?

Of course, in dealing with the I Ching you really have to be ever so careful how you word your questions.  In this case, it will be extremely challenging because of the many variables that seem to be quite nebulous to say the least with narratives changing and time lines changing and more information coming out and "experts" weighing in and folks trying to be the "first" one to crack the mystery.

In essence, it's like a Hollyweird movie and we are the spectators of this spectacle.

Anyways, I will share with you to the best of my knowledge, what the Oracle has to say about Las Vegas and as they say, 'do your own research," or "you be the judge."
Without a doubt YouTube will censor this video but I really don't care anymore. I will be posting this on Bitchute. But slowly but surely, I will make BitChute my go to for videos in the future.

Stay tuned.

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