Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016 04 16 I Ching Workshop Online Video 2

We are in our 5th series of I Ching Workshops Online. The workshops series lasts for 6 weeks and presently we have 3 levels.
Beginners 101
Beginners 102
We have covered and shared a great deal of information, discoveries and personal experiences. It's like taking a Spiritual Journey every time we meet.
The I Ching (Y Jing) is an amazing Oracle system. It is too difficult to put into words how it works. It appears to be organic as it adjusts in its responses to various situations. Sometimes humorous, sometimes cautioning, sometimes philosophical and sometimes cryptic; It has its own way of responding. 
The workshops seem to tie together seamlessly even though they are scheduled at different times with different students. The I Ching (Y Jing) keeps speaking and advising and guiding throughout.

I am so grateful and thankful for everyone who has participated. I am honored that you trust me enough to share my knowledge of the I Ching (Y Jing) with you and I thoroughly appreciate what you share with us during our workshops. Our Workshops are personal and sometimes quite intimate as the I Ching (Y Jing) seems to address what is going on in our lives as if it knows what we need to to take a look at.

This video is from our Intermediate Workshop, April 10, 2016. We are developing our Library of Images to help us in understanding the I Ching (Y Jing) hexagrams more completely. Here we are looking at the Hexagram 48, The Well, and analyzing the image for deeper understanding and application to our daily lives.

Our next series will begin June 19, 2016. We will have open registration throughout. All new folks will start with Beginners 101 so we can determine what workshop best suits your skills and abilities in using the I Ching. You can contact me for registration @