Monday, October 17, 2016

Using the I Ching to Interpret Dreams

During our I Ching Workshops we talk about a lot of different subjects along with working on the meanings of the Hexagrams. Often times metaphysical tops come up, like dreams, astral travel, psychic abilities, past lives, cultural Archetypes, current events, intuition, etc. These topics are woven into the fabric of our workshops and the input from the participants is often intriguing, inspiring and enriching.

Our next series will begin Dec. 18, 2016

These videos will give a snap shot of some of our discoveries.
There are 3 workshops, Beginners 101, Beginners 102 and Intermediate. Our next series will begin Dec. 18, 2016.. however, I am open to conducting Dream workshops in the interim for those who are interested. Just send me an email, and let me know your thoughts.

"I Ching (Y Jing) Discussions with Nana Baakan,"

Be sure to check out this playlist "Dreams-Short Stories"