Thursday, November 17, 2016

President Elect Donald J. Trump. What? How? Why? Ask A Psychic (Videos)

Donald J. Trump won the election to be the next President of the United States. People are up in arms, rioting in the streets, protesting and wanting to change the Electoral College because Hillary won the popular vote and he won the Electoral Vote. The Electoral college has been in existence for almost 2 centuries and it will take an Amendment to the Constitution to change that and if changed it will take 10 years before it goes into full effect.

Meanwhile, he is the President-Elect.

In this reading, I will explore what happened, how it happened and why it happened and draw some conclusions from the I Ching on what can be expected during his term in office.  Some things will be surprising and other things will be expected.

The readings are posted in this blog for anyone to review. Feel free to ask the questions yourself and see what the Oracle will give you. You can also follow along with the videos as well.

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Protesters against President-elect Donald Trump gather in an intersection outside the Humphrey School of Affairs on the campus of the University of Minnesota on November 10, 2016 in Minneapolis. Thousands of people across the country have taken to the streets in protest in the days following the election of Republican Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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I Ching Reading President Elect Donald J. Trump?
Dear Honorable Spirits Of The I Ching, Please comment on:
Questions  (20 Questions in total) Hexagram Lines Static Hexagram
On Nov.9, 2016, it was announced that DJT won the Election for President of the United state; 2017-2020.
Please comment Donald J. Trump being elected to be the next President of the United States of America. 32 4 46
Deeper Insight into Hexagram #32 47 3 28
Deeper Insight into Hexagram #28 9
The nature of the energies that facilitated the election of DJT. 36
Deeper Insight into Hexagram #36 17 2, 3, 5 34
The Nature of their motives for facilitating DJT's election win. 46
Deeper Insight into Hexagram #46 15 5 39
Please comment on the nature of the voter turnout for DJT as it relates to them casting their vote for DJT. 53 2, 3 59
Deeper Insight into Hexagram #53 44 2, 5 56
Deeper Insight into Hexagram #59 3 3 63
Nature of the integrity of the votes cast as it relates to DJT acquiring the majority electoral votes. 55 1, 6 56
Deeper insight into Hexagram #55 33 3, 5 35
Deeper insight into Hexagram #56 20 4, 5, 6 16
What is the nature of the connection that DJT has with Henry Kissenger? 30 4, 6 36
Deeper insight into Hexagram #30 2 2, 6 4
Deeper insight into Hexagram #36 18 1, 2, 3 27
What is Henry Kissenger's most immediate motive for interacting with DJT? 40 2 16
Deeper insight into Hexagram #40 19 4,6 38
Deeper insight into Hexagram #16 44 3, 4, 5 4
How does Henry Kissenger view the election which resulted in DJT being voted in as the next President of the US? 2
Deeper insight into Hexagram #2 19 2, 3 36
How does Henry Kissenger view the DJT abiltiy to effectively fulfill the role POSTUS? 16 3 62
Deeper insight into Hexagram #16 31 2, 3 47
Deeper insight into Hexagram #62 36