Friday, June 23, 2017

Is "Crowd Source the Truth" An Intelligence Operation? Ask A Psychic (Intro & Videos)


To my subs and visitors, thank you for stopping by. If you have had some time to check out my channel you notice that I have a varied interest in different topics. But you may have also noticed that I am a news junky and I like to share the interesting articles I find on the web.

You may have also noticed, that every once in a while, I will resort to using the I Ching Oracle system to help me understand some things that just don't seem to make any sense at all.

For me, doing a reading on these topics helps to bring my perspective into focus on what is really going on as opposed to what is being thrown around.

YouTube has become a hideout for all kinds of speculation on topics from A to Z, but most often it's just that speculation. I am not saying that all my interpretations are infallible, but having worked with the Oracle System for 3 decades now I do feel that my experience with the I Ching, has given me a strong insight into what the Oracle is telling me. ..

I have used this system to help get insight for hundreds of clients over the years. I have also offered workshops and personal classes for students who are interested in learning more about the I Ching.

In addition to that, I do take the time to research on the topic before I present my findings from the I Ching to my YouTube Audience. 

My video series "Ask A Psychic" have given folks some details about these speculative topics in such a way that my viewers can give credence to what the I Ching Oracle is saying.  For instance, people really want to believe that Donald Trump is fighting against deep state, but, if they check out my I Ching readings on that, they will discover that he is a Deep State Asset.

Enter George Webb, in this case, one of my subscribers suggested that I do a reading on this situation and that is the only reason I am doing this. I really have no dog in this race, I realize we live in a matrix on a Prison Planet and all these shenanigans keep the overlords quite entertained.

People may want to believe certain things due to their cognitive dissonance around certain topics, and I include myself in that group of folks. We all have our world view and biases that color our world view.  So, sometimes what the Oracle tells me, is shocking to me as well. I do have my own biases and preference but the great thing about the I Ching, is that it does not care about your personal biases and preferences, it tells the truth!

I really prefer to make one long video and cover the questions.  But I am aware that folks would rather have short vids, so I will have to make a series on this topic and hope it makes sense to you all. I will put each video in a play list so you can watch one at a time or all of them at once, if you wish.

This video series will be called… 
"Is Crowd Source the Truth" An Intelligence Operation"? Ask A Psychic

I am using the word "intelligence" for the title but I really feel it's a Psyops.  This whole Jason, George, Dave, Defango, Lift the Veil and all the other usual suspects is bizarre to me. I have dyslexia which made it difficult for me to wrap my brain around George Webb's presentations not to mention all them videos about stuff and going on and on and on. I prefer analysis, and yes, I am aware that I too can go on and on.

I came to be aware of George Webb because a social media contact referred me to him. Judging from the readings, there is something really strange going on here with this whole thing.

Initially, I watched a couple of Dave Actons videos, but after a while he became so bizarre in his discrediting of his brother, that I had to turn it off. I don't do well with that type of negativity. I am also very sensitive and I began to feel something that was seriously disturbing coming from Dave that made me shudder.

YouTube is an interesting place for dramatics, but to have the so-called "Truth Community" completely invested in these dramatics, battling back and forth, doxxing folks, belittling others, threatening, etc.. Began to bring a very dark cloud over the whole community in a way I have never seen before…..  Not even the 911 Truthers went this far to discredit one another.

Difference of opinion are only normal, but to devolve to name calling and threats and exposure of personal life challenges smacks of the deepest insincerity, if you ask me.
It makes the so-called Truth Community" look like grade school kids fighting over a place in the sandbox.

The Oracle readings help me to see why this is happening so I hope it will bring some clarity to you all as well.

Please be patient with me, I have all the readings, and may even add more, but it takes time to pull it all together.

Thanks for

And stay tuned.


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