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What Happened to MH370? Ask a Psychic? Part 3

Vedic Astrology and Flight 370

In this blog, I will discuss some of the flashpoints or points of interest that I felt could be enumerated based on the consultations I received from the I Ching Oracle System as it relates to Flight MH370.

I will review the description of this video along with the transcript and offer my position on some of these points. My goal is to examine from a metaphysical perspective what has come to me as an explanation of why the plane "vanished into thin air!"

All to often we allow our material existence to impede our ability to see beyond it. In the physical world we are adept to some degree at manipulating things or setting up systems that manipulate our environment. Additionally, we create systems to define, determine and control our physical world, but we are not in touch with the fact that the physical world is quite small compare to that which is not physical. When we operate from this protocol, we limit our awareness and/or ability to explain the unexplainable due to the fact that we cannot rely on physical answers.

I do believe that some "physical" thing did happen but not in the realm of our understanding of what is physical here on planet earth. If we would simply take a moment to delve into the unseen, unfathomable aspects of our reality, we may find new vistas that contain answers and possibilities that we have never considered heretofore.


Description of the Video
Scorpio Ascendant
At the time of departure, Scorpio was rising. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and it is a water sign. It is not surprising that there are a lot of concerns about the plane disappearing over the water. It is also said that Scorpio "lives in holes", which shows a hidden nature. In general, a scorpion hides out in their hole. We can see a clear parallel here.

I wish to focus here on the "water" and the "hole". The plane entered a hole over the water. Scorpions are predatory arthropod animals with a deadly sting. The plane was a part of a "sting" operation that was hidden but in PLAIN/PLANE SIGHT.

Three planets in the 12th house
The Scorpio ascendant places Saturn, Mars and the North node in the 12th house. All three of these are retrograde as well. The 12th house is about things that are lost or hidden. In addition, it shows a lack of awareness, inattention and possible deception. Also, the three planets involved are all natural Malefics, difficult planets that show struggle, intensity, hardship and confusion.

If all of a sudden the plane began to respond in an unexplainable way that would quite naturally cause confusion. The struggle to right the plan on its scheduled path but with resistance from an unknown source points to the pilots' inability to maneuver the plane. Judging from reports that this pilot was quite accomplished and thoroughly enjoyed his work so much that he had a flight simulator in his home demonstrates his commitment to advancing the flight safely and securely as well as adeptly. To lose control of the plane due to some MALEFICS and/or malfunction could surely cause struggle, intense emotions, hardship and confusion. I would add here, that it would be a terrifying experience, hence the idea of terrorism. The fact that the plane could no longer be controlled as it was designed to do would incur any number of scenarios running through the mind of the pilot especially in view of the history of the War On Terror, since 2001.

Exalted moon in the seventh house
The moon was in a sign of exultation, in Taurus, at the time of the accident. This is quite auspicious for the souls aboard, regardless of what happened to them. It shows protection from the Divine mother. However, the seventh house is a maraka (Killer) house. Things are born in the first house (ascendant) and they are taken out in the seventh house (descendant).

The Moon Card in the Tarot deck also speaks to http://www.biddytarot.com/tarot-card-meanings/major-arcana/moon/
"The Moon is a psychological card of projecting fear into your present and your future, based on past experiences. The images, thoughts and feelings that you have repressed over time cause inner disturbances that are becoming overwhelming.

The Moon is a psychological card of projecting fear into your present and your future, based on past experiences. The images, thoughts and feelings that you have repressed over time cause inner disturbances that are becoming overwhelming. As a result, you are now experiencing negative blocks within your personality, causing fear and anxiety.

The Moon is a card of illusion and deception, and therefore often suggests a time when something is not as it appears to be."

I reference the Moon Card here as it is explained in the Vedic Astrology. Having it exalted means that the situation was being guided. The Divine Mother, while faced with drastic changes was still able to be protective of this situation. It could also mean that while they were being oppressed by their own fears the energy of protection covered and secured them. And certainly, it was sorely needed for them to continue onward and release their fears and trepidation.

Jupiter in the eighth house
This placement may show some deception and trickery, as it is the second house ruler in the eighth house. But Jupiter is also the fifth house ruler for Scorpio, a planet of intelligence and creativity. In the eighth house, the house of death and sudden events, it shows a greater wisdom being developed through intense experiences. It also shows grace in dealing with them. Having the fifth house ruler in the eighth house is a blessing at the time of death.

Here I would like to highlight "greater wisdom being developed through intense experiences". Indeed this experience was intense for all involved. Not to mention those who were "watching" this event unfold along with the families who later came to know that the plane had "vanished" off the radar. We are looking at the juxtaposition of two opposing frequencies, deception and trickery, and grace, intelligence and creativity. How is that possible? There are two forces at the helm, one is beneficent, the other is maleficent. Each having its motives for its actions and each opposing one another.

"Sudden death" meaning there was no warning. The Death card in the Tarot, speaks to complete transformation. "Upright: Endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition Reversed: Resistance to change, unable to move on"

It seldom means a physical death, but more importantly means the transition from one way into another, a complete transformation of thinking, believing, seeing, doing, being. So Death is perceived in varying ways due to a person's belief system, but Death is the great Nullifier. All will come to it, and many times over. Also, sleep is a form of death, it is the cessation of waking activity and the beginning of dream activity.

Sun in the fourth house aspected by Jupiter
The Pilot would be related to the sun, the king of the airplane. In this chart, although the sun is in great enemy dignity, it is aspected by Jupiter and in the fourth house. The dignity of the sun is a problem for sure. It shows the pilot may have been under some stress, perhaps even by enemies. But another possibility, and what seems more likely to me, is that Jupiter's aspect provided grace in a difficult circumstance.

Indeed it would be very difficult for the pilot to release control of his plane. There is a symbiosis that goes on between any driver and their vehicle. Again, the vehicle can be seen as any object of transport… To have the object of transport being transported by some unknown and/or unseen force, can be very difficult at best and frightening at worse. Most human beings see a counter-force as the "enemy" or something that should be resisted. Yet, there are many instances when that counter-force proved a blessing in disguise. So, indeed the "Sun" had problems dealing with the situation at hand. But there are other forces more powerful and capable than were realized before this event. Assuming, now, that this has become common knowledge to all involved.

Venus and Mercury in the third house
The Third house has to do with skills, intelligence, but also self-will and strong opinions. It is also a house of communication, especially technical forms, such as through computers and devices. Both Venus and Mercury rule dusthana houses. Mercury rules the eighth house and Venus rules the 12th house, both houses of loss and intensity. The third house is also distraction, and may show how inspectors on the ground, or members of the crew lost focus.

Here, I wish to point out that the emphasis on the "technical forms, such as through computers and devices" are relegated to the known world, or known operations. There are other realities that may also use "devices" to navigate a situation. Again, leaving the only option to be "earth based" removes the varying possibilities that can and did interfere with the standard operation of this plane and its pilot's responses. In other words, no matter how "intelligent and creative" the pilot may have been in handling the plane before this event, he was faced with another intelligence that was able to circumvent all he had experienced in his "past" creating a new scenario, a "now-what-do-I-do" scenario of sorts.

"Distraction" on the ground was coupled with distraction in the air, everyone lost focus in the fact of this event where there was no viable earthly explanation.

My Speculation Based on the Astrology 
Based on the astrology, I have a feeling there was some sort of equipment/technical malfunction that proved all-encompassing and eventually catastrophic. The planets in the 12th house show a strong possibility of overlooking a mechanical system that later malfunctioned (Saturn/Mars conjunction has to do with equipment and machinery). Perhaps after an all-encompassing vital system malfunctioned, the plane veered off course.

Here I agree, there "was some sort of equipment/technical malfunction". It was catastrophic because of the all encompassing situation. That is, nothing was under the control of the pilot and the people on the ground.

I also see the possibility that the plane may have exploded, or broke apart, miles up in the air. In such a scenario, I would think airplane parts would be spread out for hundreds of miles. Rahu/Mars conjunction gives explosive potential and the 12 house gives the possibility of something disappearing.

Here I must disagree. I do not see a violent explosion happening in the air, as that would have caused some type of seismic response on the monitoring equipment on the ground. There was none. And while had that happened to the point of spreading debris far and wide, they have not found any. No debris has been found till this very day! May 20, 2014!

However, I will contend that there was an explosion of a non physical nature, and explosion of fear and trepidation as the pilot, passengers and crew had no idea, whatsoever, what would become of them after all this took place, and I would wager that it was instantaneous.

It seems rescue efforts are focused on finding an airplane that is "intact", like it could have crashed near the ground. Inspectors are bewildered at how the plane suddenly stopped communicating. The transponder stopped working, as if it suddenly just disappeared. But what if it disappeared way up in the sky, after a sudden explosion?

Here, I would contend, that it did "suddenly disappear". It became unviewable by the ground crew. They did not and do not have the equipment needed to "view" this type of event. All they know is that it has vanished to whereabouts UNKNOWN.

This is a grim possibility, but I think a real one. It may be possible that they do not find an intact airplane, but eventually find a black box in the water somewhere. The black box sends out a pulse for (I believe) one month after a crash.

Indeed the black box sends out a pulse for approximately 30 days. We have gone past thirty and are now edging into 90 days and still no plane. The people on the ground do not have the wherewithal to find the plane. They are looking for it in the wrong way. Or they are denying what they know to be true…. The plane vanished! They may not know why, and those who do are not saying, but one thing that is for sure, MH370 cannot be found, nor will it be found.


you know it's a tragedy are obviously first of all other ones

Here I must mention like it was mentioned later in this video, if we perceive this as a tragedy while looking at all the beneficent energy that was forthcoming in the astrology reading we are succumbing to the same fear mongering that has been taking place over the mainstream media. Again, we struggle with the fact that they may be dead, but we have no proof, so until that proof is made apparent, we are remiss to call it a tragedy and would do well to call it an opportunity to look deeper into our soul and into the world around us. To re-examine our perceptions of our loved ones and how we interact with them. To understand that in this situation of a "disappearance" of a loved one, we are challenged to reach to our higher Wisdom and ask for Guidance as to how to Healthfully respond. This situation cannot and will not be controlled by the people on the ground.

unfortunate souls who left the world

The supposition that the "souls" are unfortunate and that they left "this" world is disengenuous coming from someone who delves into the "Occult Art Form of Astrology." Souls do not leave a world, they are the world, they are universal consciousness, they are alive. They simply are not perceivable on the physical plane as we would like them to be. Let us release the anxiety about them being "gone" and that we may never see them again, and remember that we see them whenever we engage in a conversation about them, handle something they possessed, read a letter they wrote or look at their picture. I strongly encourage these families to reach out to these "traveling souls" and ask them to speak to them, and tell them where they are and how they are doing. Tell them what happened to MH370.

that ascendant (Scorpio) is what gives birth to something that's the moment something is

Something is born! Let's look at that from a metaphysical perspective. What exactly could have been born? What came to life? What presented itself? What is the nature of the new reality that the pilot, passengers and crew faced?

and them and so opposite the birth is the death which is the

Here we have a completed cycle. Something was born, and for that to happen something had to die. Birth and Death, rites of passage. In dreams, you may see someone being born and that could mean a death, or someone dead, and that could mean a birth. A new completely unfamiliar reality presented itself, all involved experienced a death to the old and the birth to the new.

sudden shocking transformational changes and things we can't control


embody is the eighth house because it's literally the death we can't control

Again, the fear and loathing that surround earth humans about death is exacerbated by the fact that we cannot control, predict, or facilitate it short of murder and suicide and even in these cases it is not always what it appears to be.

with the limited self because that means the limited self parishes or the limited
form parishes with a limited form of life


most auspicious planet for that Scorpio rising

Here the higher aspect of Scorpio is engendered. While a Scorpion can sting it forewarned of the impending sting, one can avert the fatal aftermath.

transformation change death fear vulnerability letting go of control
and you have Jupiter who is the guru, the teacher sitting on the eight house

This is very important. Indeed many lessons are to be learned from this event.

auspicious planet in general he's the one that confers great blessings

Let us remember, that we are looking at great blessings with auspicious indicators.

very auspicious for what one might call an afterlife

The "afterlife" could very well mean, life after this one here on Earth!

like it disappeared 12 house disappear
things disappearing as twelve house and it's things that are lost
and its literally like the loss of consciousness its

Here we equate disappearance in human terms, earthly terms, terms that cause us to be concerned that something "tragic" may have happened but all indicators point to the opposite but in order to make sense of it, with our earthly minds we construct a scenario that is palatable and believable as we are working with limited knowledge of what took place and are even more limited in understanding "how" it could have taken place.

it's also about sleep unconsciousness

There has been some conjecture that they were all "put to sleep" by some release of some chemical into the plane. I would suggest that if that were the case, that chemical would have had to been placed on board before lift off. The Vedic astrology does not seem to intimate foul play on ground level before the plane "ascended". However, if an outside force was placed around the plane, then it would be possible that it created for the pilot, passengers and crew a type of "sleep unconsciousness" as to forestall an immense amount of anxiety, fear and trepidation from all involved. Sort of like a sedative to calm them all down as they made this transition from this "known" reality to an "unknown reality".

Putting them in a state of suspended animation till they were able to "arrive" at their new destination, their new life would make the journey more peaceful rather than having them awake and aware of what was happening to them. This too happened instantaneously.

When you're asleep on your bed it
at least in this lifetime and where you're also
returning to these other realms of existence
that don't require that you have a physical body in order to live

While I agree there are other forms of existence that does not require a physical body to live, I believe, based on my Oracle readings, that they are physical, wherever they may be. The only thing that changed dramatically is their awareness of who they are and where they are. The 12th house indicates the dream state. In suspended animation, it is like a dream until you become animated again.. i.e, what happened to Sully in the movie AVATAR.

we incarnate with the physical body in the world because we need to have

We can also incarnate in other worlds to experience the other worlds as well. Also, dis-incarnate beings are present in the physical world, some as holographic beings, other as so called spirits. Whatever the case may be, they also have impact on the physical world through the impressions that come through dreams, thoughts, sensations and realizations.

so what i mean to say at is that those are things are often hidden from us
they're often secret and that and it's also the secrets that we have from

It is true that some things are hidden from us. But for those with eyes to see, they are not. Again, focus on physical reality handicaps our ability to see the "unseen" and to interpret that which occurs seemingly with no known physical reason. There are no secrets in the spirit world!

is there kind of checked out there like not present to

And when you look deeply into this terminology, "checked out" we can see that something happened that caused them to "check out", "zone out" become "unconscious" but nowhere do you see it happening by a nefarious force.

it could show things like terrorism i mean you could read it that way because

Again, it had to have been a terrifying experience in those few moments when they lost control of the plane. But that does not necessarily indicate that a terrible thing happened to them. The terror they felt came from lack of control, and it only lasted for a brief moment after which the plane was commandeered to its next destination.

like I just said secrets deception things like that

Again, there are no secrets in the spirit world, however, if we define the unknown or unknowable as deceptive, we are dealing from our fear center and not from our Wisdom center. Some things are hidden due to our level of awareness, consciousness and inability to perceive what is actually going on around us. Does that mean someone is being deceptive? Or can it mean that we simply do not understand what we do not understand. We have so many auspicious omens in this astrology reading that I would suggest, that any nefarious indicators were nullified. This takes me to my deepest understanding of what happened to MH370. There were two planes in place. The nefarious one was usurped by the benevolent one due to the fact that the convergence created a higher frequency towards the good. The pilot, passengers and crew were light beings who were protected from ruination by "others" who would have used this situation to their advantage and to bolster their nefarious plans.

it could be my feeling is because of the benefits
especially Jupiter in the eighth I am

I agree, as I stated before, the beneficent energy that presented itself at this particular time, overrode the nefarious agenda that had been put in place. Therefore, all those complicit in the nefarious plans must remain quiet for fear of tipping their own hand, as it were.

a mechanical malfunction

Let's follow one another on this concept. A mechanical error to such a degree that the plane was no longer able to be seen on the radar. No one, with all their technology can find this plane and its 239 passengers. Who or what would have the technology to disappear a flying object the size of a 777? In the final analysis, we are dealing with something that "appears" like a mechanical error, but with no debris to support that claim, I suggest we look beyond what "normally" happens when there is a mechanical error. In other words, what could cause a mechanical error in a unique, not quite earthly normal way. Earth Humans always tend to define reality through "their" normal and forget or refrain from suggesting and accepting that the "not so normal" exists right along with the so-called "normal" With all the instrumentation that was projected towards this event, they are negligent in their refusal to identify it as a situation they "cannot" explain. If they did that, it would create a ripple effect that would impact the entire world in a way they are not prepared to do so, especially since they have been hiding the "not-normal" from the masses.

maybe that could be because it was hijacked

The plane was hijacked! But not by your common every day terrorists with box cutters!

they get kinda impatient and restless and again marshals retrograde in the
well we're going here all now suddenly we're going here because some
Scorpio ascendant Venus and Mercury rule dished on as the real difficult houses
perhaps there is a malfunction and then in the attempt to try to fix it they

You are attempting to make sense of this thing, and you moved again towards there being a mechanical malfunction. Why? Because with the astrology reading you got, that is the only thing that makes "enough" sense. As you can see, I said "enough" sense, just enough to tie it all together in a way that most people would be able to accept.

I have always wondered about astrologers, particularly in view of the fact that I was born on the cups of Virgo/Libra and I have had several readings that switched me from Virgo to Libra and back again.

I am also curious that while studying the planets and the stars and constellations why astrologers for the most part, fail to mention that there are other worlds, with living breathing entities occupying them. If you can study the stars so intently and their influence upon situations than why do you not mention life outside of this Earthly Realm? I find it curious that you do not mention this and yet you are delving in the dimensions where they live in both physical and non-physical form.

It seems you all have the pie, but you are only going to share 75% (actually, I am just using this to make my point, it is probably much less than that). If you do not share all that you have come to discover, are you not being disingenuous when you give astrology readings??

so the Scorpio ascendant began is is about halfway through Scorpio like 15

 I find this statement to be quite interesting. It would appear that, as I mentioned earlier, a Sting was about to take place, just after the plane took off. Within an hour's time, it was averted and the plane was vanished!!!

LET ME END THIS COMMENTARY BY SAYING I HAD WATCHED SEVERAL VIDEOS BUT WAS MOST IMPRESSED WITH YOURS. Please feel free to check mine out.  "What Happened to MH370? Ask a Psychic? Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKv6cYzCzdY

Vedic astrology and Flight 370

Posted Question under this video:

"namaste  ! but at time there was a lot of other planes taking off in same airport , why this plane?"

Because we are missing a very important aspect of time lines. When those particular people boarded that particular plane, it created a different reality for those on board, different than any other plane, this reality is specific to this plane. The time lines of all those on this particular craft converged as a result these individuals had this particular experience. Imagine a highway with several lanes, on and off ramps, etc. Imagine each lane being a timeline. At some juncture on the journey their timelines crossed or meet a particular moment. At this moment an event took place. It could be a major accident, where you have people who don't know each other, and some that do, come together and create an event, a moment a time/space continuum. In that time/space continuum they share a reality, a convergence, an experience an event. Before that event, they may have "felt" they shouldn't travel, but traveled anyway. Another person may have had a dream. Another person may have experienced several obstacles before the event, seemingly attempting to keep them from traveling. Nonetheless, they met, they converged and in doing so, they shared a common moment on their particular timelines and then created a new experience that included all those who converged. 

In looking at this perspective, we can see how the "gathering" of people from different walks of life, "converge" in various arenas and share a common story, and sometimes destiny. What lead them to that plane was that fact, that they were to share that convergence, or be a party to that particular convergence in that, as a result, the plane vanished.

We do this all the time, we are simply unaware of how we consistently participate in convergences. Yet, when we meet someone we were just thinking about, we realize that it happened, or we are surprised, etc. Nevertheless, the convergence was ordained in that it  had become a part of their future story. The other folks on the other planes have their own stories. Each of them just as individuated as MH370.

For the most part it is quite mysterious but not as much as it is projected by the media, etc. It is only mysterious because the most obvious factor that would cause this convergence is the intent, not just of the pilot, but of every single person on that plane. We do create our reality, and if we are going to use that drumbeat for everything else, why stop here. Once the veil has been lifted from this event it will no longer be a mystery. Until then, people will throw several ideas around in their attempt to figure this out. As long as people continue to look at this from a physical perspective and refrain from looking at it from a metaphysical perspective, it will remain a mystery. People are unwilling to release control and so they will continue to create scenarios they can control or manipulate. He clearly stated this situation was out of control.

Please check out this video, and leave your comments. "What Happened to MH370? Ask a Psychic? Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKv6cYzCzdY