Saturday, December 13, 2014

Launch of I Ching Workshops @ Atiya Ola's Cafe 12-21-2014


Introductory I Ching Workshops 

6 Week Seminar

Just In Time for the Winter Solstice. 

First Session: Dec. 21, 2014
Time: 5-7 PM
Location: 4505 Baltimore Ave, Phila. PA 19142
Contact: Nana Baakan 770-580-3322
Free & Open to the Public, Donations Accepted
Please bring paper and pen!

Seminar Description: This seminar will get you started using the 5000+ year old I Ching Oracle system for Divination. 

You will learn 
  • What is an Oracle
  • What is Divination Intuition, Predictions, The Tao (Way)
  • Brief history of the I Ching
  • Main principle governing the I Ching
  • How the I Ching Works
  • How to prepare to use the I Ching
  • How to construct the Hexagrams
  • What are changing lines
  • What the Hexagrams mean (one liners for quick reference)
  • What it means when only one Hexagram is drawn
  • What it means when one Hexagram changes to another
  • How to question the Oracle to get clear understanding of what the reading means
  • Key questions to ask for deeper understanding
  • How to apply each Hexagram to every day situations
  • Most Important Question: What is My Incarnation Objective (Life Path).
  • A complete book list for reference
  • Everyone to check out the Nana Baakan Discusses Understanding the I Ching Videos on YouTube.
  • And Much More! 

When we do things in the alignment with natural cycles we tend to be more successful. The resolutions made on New Year's Eve, Dec. 31, are going to be more difficult to keep due to the fact they are being made during a mis-alignment. Not to mention, they are made with the big distractions of a just past Christmas and a coming New Year's Eve Party!!! Resolutions will shortly be barely remembered if at all with all that going on. 
When a farmer is aware of the best times for planting seeds, that is when the seeds are planted. Because of the general wintry climate and the shortness of day light, it portents a time for introspection, quietude, meditation, fasting and contemplation. Take a look at what the past year has brought and make changes in these quiet moments, moments that will hold your resolutions in longevity.  It may also help to get assistance, i.e., through a psychic reading, focused meditation, visualizations, soul searching, etc.; to help determine what resolutions are most apt to move to successful achievement considering the energies of the coming cycle. Everything is energy.

Below is a booklist of some of the books I've studied and found quite helpful. I use a variety of references so that I can get the best understanding out of the reading. Over time, I became less and less dependent on the books, and more on my intuition but initially, the books are great references. What I like about them is that they each have their own perspective on the Hexagrams... You can use them for various reasons in various circumstances. 


Connecting Lines:  by Robert R. Leichtman, Carl Japiskse

A New Interpretation of the I Ching for Understanding Personal Relationships
Ruling Lines :A New Interpretation of the I Ching for Decision Making
Healing lines:  A new interpretation of the I ching for healing inquiries

The I Ching Workbook by R.L. Wing

The 5,000-year-old Chinese book of wisdom, presented in a unique workbook format designed to help truth seekers find new meaning and enlightenment in its ancient lore.

The I Ching:  Or Book of Changes by Richard Wilhelm, Cary Baynes

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, a common source for both Confucianist and Taoist philosophy, is one of the first efforts of the human mind to place itself within the universe. It has exerted a living influence in China for 3,000 years, and interest in it has been rapidly spreading in the West.

I Ching: A New Interpretation for Modern Times by Sam Reifler

Explains what the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching reveal about an individual's personality and future. I Ching is a practical and remarkably effective pathway to enlightenment.

The I ching on love: a reinterpretation of the I ching for …by Guy Damian-Knight
Explains how to interpret the hexigrams of the I Ching in relationship to questions of patience, leadership, sincerity, modesty, aesthetics, innocence, depression, friendship, and truth.

The Kwan Yin Book of Changes by Diane Stein
"Kwan Yin", the Chinese Goddess of Mercy & Knowledge, is evoked in this adaptation of the ancient divinatory system. This book returns the I Ching to Women's use and is a simple-to-use tool of great power.

A guide to the I ching by Carol K. Anthony

The philosophy of the I ching by Carol K. Anthony

Very good resource for determining why certain hexagrams are presented in a reading.

The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth by Hua-Ching Ni
This masterful translation by Hua-Ching Ni is popular throughout the world.

The Toa of the I Ching Way to Divination by Tsung Hwa Jou
"It's my intention that this book  will encourage students to pursue a course of sel-development and to study life, and nature, as it was the pursuit of these things that led to the creation of the I Ching in the first place."

I-Ching: the hexagrams revealed by Gary G.  Melyan, Wen-Kuang Chu
Introduces the non-specialist to the workings of the I-Ching giving twenty categories of each hexagram and describes how with six tosses of a coin you can answer any question.

The Astrology of the I Ching  by Wen-Kuang Chu
Discusses the teachings of the ancient Chinese book, the I Ching, and explains how to use the I Ching to make predictions

               And here's a fun one!

             The Tao of Pooh, by Benjamin Hoff

 Stay Tuned for more on the I Ching