Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The "Michelle Obama Is A Man" Psyops: Ask A Psychic, Pt. 4 Michelle & Barack(Videos)

Part Four: Michelle & Barack Obama's Participation In the Psyops. 
I have made a series of videos focusing on the rumor that was first published by Christwire.org, a known right wing satirical site. I have received a number of comments about my videos. Surprisingly, with all the information I researched, there are still folks who believe this. It became increasingly clear to me, that I had to use Divination to determine the root cause of this Psyops and why it was perpetrated.

This video continue our journey down the rabbit whole. It is part four of a series of 4 videos that focus on the characters who participated in this Psyops.

The first 3 videos gave us some idea of is behind the rumor that "Michelle Obama Is a Man". We have seen some of the motivations and participation of all the characters, starting with the Obama Administration that leaked the information.

We have traveled down this rabbit hole and have taken a look at why Christwire printed it, why Joan Rivers spread it, what Dr. Eowyn's motives were for reprinting it several times.

In this video will first take a look at Michelle and then Barack and what they had to do with it, and why they will not come out and refute it. We will take a journey back to 2011 and see just what motivated this Psyops and we will come to the conclusion that this Psyops was perpetrated against the American people and what the purpose was.

These readings pull back the covers of this whole thing and will probably bring some surprise to all of us, including myself.

What we will learn is; that what we think we know, and what is really going on can, in some very interesting cases, be two different things.

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