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What's Happening w/Donald Trump & the Shadow Government? Ask A Psychic: Pt. 1, 2, 3 (Videos)

What's Happening w/Donald Trump & the Shadow Government? Ask A Psychic: Pt. 1, 2, 3 (Videos)
This video is in a playlist titled, "Donald Trump vs the Shadow Government.
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In these videos I will discuss the readings I received using the I Ching (Yi Jing) when I inquired about Donald Trump and his relationship with the Shadow government AKA Deep State. It took countless hours to put these videos together for you to view.
Working with the I Ching (Yi Jing) is a process that requires focus and contemplation. In these videos I give you a synopsis of what was revealed to me, and I hope that you can glean the most important points. I tried to be brief as possible without missing the main points and indicators. Working with the I Ching (Yi Jing) is serious business.

Understanding the attention span of most folks in the YouTube audience, it was very, very challenging making 5 minute videos to cover this subject comprehensively. Not to mention, that doing this process not even my computer wanted to process the entire 49 min video so it crashed, mid stream and I had to go back and make 3 shorter ones. But you will not get the full gist of what I am trying to convey unless you watch all 3.
So, put on your headset, take a walk, do some household chores, go to the gym, or whatever you can do to pass the time and watch/listen to all 3.

If you do not wish to watch the entire video, please be kind and refrain from commenting on what you have not observe.

Your comments are much appreciated so feel free to leave them, AFTER, you watched the entire video.
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Over the last 214 years, past Presidents and political leaders have tried to warn the public that the U.S. government is under the control of an “invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.”
Unaffected by elections. Unaltered by populist movements. Beyond the reach of the law. Say hello to America’s shadow government.

The Deep State Targets Trump
The Deep State vs. Donald Trump
Trump Is Violating the Constitution
Amazing populist concern over US deep state influence that hasn't been seen since the 1970s. Positive but it's CIA/contractors not UN etc.

Tensions Are Heating Up Between the “Deep State” and Trump (Video)
The ultimate aim of the cabal is to kick him out of office and have a reliable replacement, like the Vice-President elect Pence, take over. Should that not be possible it is hoped that the delegitimization will make it impossible for Trump to change major policy trajectories especially in foreign policy. A main issue here is the reorientation of the U.S. military complex and its NATO proxies from the war of terror towards a direct confrontation with main powers like Russia and China.
Dr. Kevin Barrett: Trump Is A Deep State ‘Stooge’
Washington, D.C. – The United States is entering an extreme and unprecedented political crisis in the form of a soft coup by the deep state. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have publicly called out these elements of the “intelligence-industrial complex” that are actively working to undermine, discredit and forcibly remove President Trump.
For all practical purposes, the most powerful deep state neocon/neoliberalcon factions did launch a covert op to take out Flynn and keep going to eventually take out Trump – pursuing every possible impeachment avenue further on down the road. Whatever the deep strategy of the real Masters as detailed by “X”, Trump does face a formidable axis of deep state neocons/neoliberalcons, the CIA, neoliberal corporate media from CNN to the Washington Post, and the still-functioning Clinton machine.
There is a deadly battle going on now in the USA. It is one man, President Donald J. Trump, against the Deep State.  The Deep State constitutes a shadow government.  It is the cabal of globalists and Wall Street bankers that have increasingly gained power in the actual government in the USA over the last few decades.  It is the dark side of both the CIA and military intelligence and is comprised of their army of spies, nefarious spooks, and sometimes enforcers.  - See more at:
In essence, Donald Trump and his team are walking through a minefield, and his enemies are watching like a hawk for even the smallest slip-up.